Vitamin A+E
Vitamin A+E

Vitamin A+E

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Use and Action

T4J Vitamin A+E is a multifunctional anti-aging serum which helps stimulate cell renewal and collagen production, particularly indicated for sun damaged and sensitive skin. It is suggested to add the infusion of T4J A+E at the end of a complete treatment to further improve the results.

Main active ingredients

Vitamin A

Facilitating communication between cells, Vitamin A encourages aging cells to continue their renewal process, and regenerate collagen and elastin to prevent the appearance of aging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. The small molecular structure of Vitamin A contained in this T4J Solution facilitates its penetration into the outer layers of the skin allowing it to work to repair the lower layers where collagen and elastin reside.

Vitamin E

As an antioxidant superstar, Vitamin E reduces the formation of free radicals from exposure to UV rays, promoting a healing process, strengthening the skin’s barrier function, protecting the lipid balance of the skin’s barrier, and reducing trans-epidermal water loss. Vitamin E helps improve the overall appearance of the skin, plus it decreases inflammation and boosts the production of new cells. The formula is also enriched with buddleja davidii extract, thymus, watermelon, rice bran protein, soybean protein and helianthus annuus seed oil.