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The JetPeel™ dermal infusion device is nothing short of innovative and impressive. Using a wand-like handpiece (with a number of sizes and configurations to choose from), the JetPeel generates pressurized air that travels to the surface of the skin at subsonic speeds of over 200 m/s. 

During a JetPeel™ treatment, continuous fine liquid jet streams exfoliate the epidermal layer and gently stretch the skin surface to deliver results deep within the skin’s surface. That’s right–with the help of high-velocity liquid, deep subdermal delivery is finally possible without subsequent breakage, incisions, needles, or pain. 

The JetPeel™ process is simple, and chemical-free. It uses water or saline in combination with pressurized air, along with a proprietary hand-piece that breaks the solution into micro-sized droplets. The result is a comfortable and soothing facial exfoliation, that improves the skin’s texture and hydration levels.


Hale Derma PLUS
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Dead Sea Hydro
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JetCare Boost Set
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JetCare Hydro
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Air Tube
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Vitamin A+E
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Vitamin B5
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