Whitening Complex 1

Whitening Complex 1

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Use and Action

Containing innovative and very strong whitening ingredients that act as a color pigment inhibitor, the infusion of the Whitening Complex 1 with the Jet Technology immediately achieves the desired effect of a brighter, more uniform skin tone – which improves session by session. It effectively removes sun and age spots as well as spots resulting from scars. In addition, Stay C-Vitamin makes this product highly recommended to achieve a uniform bright complexion.

For best results, the infusion of Whitening Complex should be preceded by exfoliation using glycolic acid (Renewal Complex 1 or 2 or 3) or, for more sensitive skin, using Mandelic Acid (Renewal Complex 4).

Main active ingredients

Stay C-Vitamin

Whitening Complex 1 contains a high concentration of the registered Stay C-Vitamin, a stable Vitamin C that is resistant to oxidation.


The registered “Bio-White” included in the formula is a compound of natural whitening extracts: lemon balm, achillea, grapevine, blackberry and skullcap. Crowberry extract and licorice further enhance whitening and help against redness.