JETOP Scalp & Hair Care

JETOP Scalp & Hair Care

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Use and Action

Jetop is the state-of-the-art method for treating the scalp in a painless and pleasant way, achieving significant reduction in the rate of hair loss. Froman aesthetic point of view, Jetop targets lusher and super glowing hair.

First step: Perform a careful exfoliation using Jet Detox Water. The unique micro-jet cleansing method achieves optimal and very deep cleansing, effectively ridding the scalp of dead cells, excessive oil, sweat and grime. The result is a fresh and clean scalp that is ready to receive the benefits of the active ingredients contained in the Jetop Solution.

The micro-jet action provides a thorough scalp massage that promotes micro-circulation, sending blood fl ow to strengthen the hair follicles. The massage energizes hair while lowering stress and tension.

Second step: Infusion of Jetop Solution. Once the scalp is cleaned and micro-circulation is stimulated, active components can penetrate successfully. Jetop Solution provides an effective delivery of a valuable nourishment which promotes the reduction of hair loss rate, stimulates hair growth, and makes the hair look lush, glowing and bright.

Main active ingredients


Very rich in antioxidants, pomegranate revitalizes dull and dry hair, and protects it from environmental pollution and chemicals. Its properties contribute to reconstructing and strengthening the hair, stimulating hair growth and giving it a fuller, brighter, and more glowing look.


An innovative complex of biomimetic peptides combined with red clover extract, Capixil targets the main causes of hair loss, enhancing fuller and thicker hair. Biochanin A, the major isoflavone in red clover, modulates chronic inflammation and functions as an antioxidant, limiting damage to the skin and scalp caused by free radicals. The result is reduction in hair loss and stimulation of hair growth.


A special compound of herbal ingredients that targets stem cells and human fibroblasts from the dermal papilla to encourage hair growth and reduce hair loss. The chart demonstrates how redensyl increases hair growth by 214% and has better results than minoxidil, which is the gold standard in this area.

The use of Redensyl shows:

1. Reactivation of the bulge stem cells (ORSC) and shutdown of inflammatory reactions.

2. Metabolic boost of derma papilla cells. The result is denser hair that looks thicker with reduced hair loss