Renewal Complex 2 - (Glycolic Acid 10%)

Renewal Complex 2 - (Glycolic Acid 10%)

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Use and Action

This formulation of 10% glycolic acid, in combination with soothing and repairing ingredients, was developed for medium to strong exfoliations. It is particularly recommended for use on sensitive and thin skin, with emphasis on areas suffering from hyperpigmentation and sun or age spots, to achieve a full-area exfoliation that leaves the skin clean and bright. Exfoliating with Renewal Complex 2 provides great results on acne prone and oily skins as well. Remember to wash off residues of Renewal

Complex 2 with Jet Detox Water after this stage of the treatment prior to moving on to the next one. It is recommended to avoid direct sun exposure and apply sun screen lotion for one day after the treatment.

Main active ingredients

Glycolic Acid

Renewal Complex 2 contains a concentration of 10% glycolic acid at pH 3.3. As an exfoliant, it helps shed dead skin layers and renew the skin’s surface, to visibly soften age signs, particularly those caused by sun damage. After an exfoliation with Renewal Complex 2, the skin is deeply cleansed, brighter, and ready to receive the nutrition that will be provided by the following infusion of active ingredients, as chosen by the practitioner based on the patient’s needs.

Vitamin B5 & Aloe Vera

Renewal Complex 2, like Renewal Complex 1, is enriched with soothing aloe Vera and Vitamin B5, which are effective in preventing excessive redness. These two ingredients considerably lower the typical itching sensation of glycolic acid, making this step of exfoliation a pleasant and calming experience.