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One Technology, endless applications

JETPEELTM-3V is suitable for all skin types, all seasons and a diverse range of aesthetic specializations.

JETPEELTM-3V is an advanced aesthetic treatment
device that allows practitioners to administer a range
of non-invasive, relaxing skin care procedures with outstanding results.
From lymphatic drainage through exfoliation
to needle-free sub-dermal therapy,

JETPEELTM-3V is redefining the rules of the game!

A Revolution in skin-care devices

The physics behind it is simple: JETPEEL takes water or saline,
accelerates it using pressurized air, or medical gas, to supersonic velocities and with . a special hand-piece-nozzle breaks the accelerated liquid into micro-droplets.The kinetic energy of the micro-droplets gently and painlessly exfoliates the outer layer of the epidermis.The jet stretches the skin at the point of contact, causing barophoresis, which means that micro-canals in the epidermis broaden and allow for hydration, cleansing and needle-free, effective transcutaneous supplementation.

JETPEEL is versatile, simple to operate and offers an attractive ROI making it the popular tool of choice for professional practitioners

Revolutionary, no-invasive skin-care technology!

  • A range of versatile and clinically effective procedures
  • Needle free transcutaneous supplementation
  • Zero skin-print, minimum irritation and no patient down-time
  • Simple to operate and train
  • Cost effective with fast ROI
  • Differentiates your clinic