Couperose & Sensitive Skin

Couperose & Sensitive Skin

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Use and Action

The Couperose & Sensitive Skin Serum is recommended for treating very sensitive skin, especially the Couperose condition. Thanks to the unique, effective ingredients in this formula, the Couperose & Sensitive Skin Serum provides strong anti-inflammatory as well as anti-aging benefits. Combined with the ability to purify the pores from toxins and dead cells, it provides a very safe protection against UV rays, ensuring a brighter and more glowing complexion.

The Couperose & Sensitive Skin Serum is highly recommended for oily skin and for those suffering from acne and rosacea. For extremely sensitive skin, exfoliation is recommended prior to the infusion of this product, either with Jet Detox Water or with Renewal Complex 4 (Mandelic & Salicylic acid). For more resistant skin and above all, when acne is to be treated, exfoliate with Renewal Complex 1 (5% Glycolic).

Main active ingredients

Aloe Barbadensis Extract

This extract soothes the skin, protects it from UV damage, and serves as an anti-inflammatory agent. It has burn-healing, scar-reducing and wound-healing properties. It contains many vitamins that are effective for protecting the skin against the activity of free radicals. It effectively stimulates fibroblast growth, plus it’s an excellent cleansing and detoxifying agent with the ability to remove dead skin cells and toxins while purifying the pores.


As melanin gives the skin its dark pigment and increases UV absorption, high melanin levels may result in age spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation. Niacinamide is a derivative of Vitamin B3 that suppresses melanin from reaching the surface of the skin, protecting the skin from further UV damage. Use of Niacinamide results in reductions of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmented spots, red blotchiness, and skin sallowness (yellowing). Niacinamide also improves elasticity.

Azelaic Acid

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, azelaic acid is a well known treatment for acne and rosacea. It is keratolytic and comedolytic by means of controlling disordered growth of the skin cells. It has moisturizing and elasticizing effects, and it illuminates and improves the skin’s texture clarity for a glowing complexion. Its bleaching properties makes it useful in addressing uneven skin tone and dark spots, while improving skin quality for a brighter and more luminous appearance.


An anti-inflammatory ingredient, troxerutin keeps the skin balanced and even-toned. It calms irritated tissues and helps regeneration of healthy skin. It decreases the formation of inflammation mediators to a great extent.