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Couperose & Sensitive Skin

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The Couperose & Sensitive Skin Serum is recommended for treating very sensitive skin, especially the Couperose condition. Thanks to the unique, effective ingredients in this formula, the Couperose & Sensitive Skin Serum provides strong anti-inflammatory as well as anti-aging benefits. Combined with the ability to purify the pores from toxins and dead cells, it provides a very safe protection against UV rays, ensuring a brighter and more glowing complexion.

The Couperose & Sensitive Skin Serum is highly recommended for oily skin and for those suffering from acne and rosacea. For extremely sensitive skin, exfoliation is recommended prior to the infusion of this product, either with Jet Detox Water or with Renewal Complex 4 (Mandelic & Salicylic acid). For more resistant skin and above all, when acne is to be treated, exfoliate with Renewal Complex 1 (5% Glycolic).