Anti-Aging Complex 2 - (Vegetal Stem Cells & Peptides)

Anti-Aging Complex 2 - (Vegetal Stem Cells & Peptides)

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Use and Action

Anti-Aging Complex 2 is the perfect complementary component to Complex 1. While Complex 1 targets deep hydration and tightening, which is the first stage in treating aging skin, Complex 2 significantly stimulates cellular regeneration. It contains well-known anti-aging ingredients such as algae extracts, argireline, betaine, rice protein, buddleia davidii, soybean protein, and thymus. Some of the active ingredients are purposefully formulated in smaller sized molecules for better penetration and retention.

Main active ingredients

 Vegetal Stem Cells

Already naturally present in the human body at birth, stem cells enhance skin rejuvenation, encourage preservation of healthy skin, beauty, and youth. Vegetal stem cells are considered a real elixir of youth. Obtained from plants, they significantly improve the process of cutaneous regeneration as they boost effective cellular stimulation.

Hexapeptides and Pentapeptides

Hexapeptides and pentapeptides provide a tightening effect and reduce the visible appearance of lines and wrinkles.