Anti-Aging Complex 1 - (Hyaluronic Acids)

Anti-Aging Complex 1 - (Hyaluronic Acids)

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Use and Action

The basis for most Bio-Rejuvenation treatments, Anti-Aging Complex 1 can be used as part of any anti-aging protocol, whether alone or alternated, session by session, with a different anti-aging complex (see the Anti-Aging Protocols section).

The Anti-Aging Complex 1 formula contains several hyaluronic acids and bio-peptides. The hyaluronic acids feature different molecular weights with strong water retention power, seamlessly reducing water vaporization from the skin and deeply enhancing hydration, tone, and texture. The bio-peptides improve the skin’s natural biological processes to reverse its aging and enrich the formula for a longer lasting anti-aging effect. The particular combination of these two premium active ingredients produces a superior lift-up and silk touch effect.

Main active ingredients

Hyaluronic acids

This special formulation is based on 4 types of hyaluronic acids with different formulas and molecular weights:

1. Pure hyaluronic < 10,000 Dalton of molecular weight

2. Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid < 10,000 Dalton

3. Sodium hyaluronate < 100,000 Dalton

4. Sodium hyaluronate of a molecular weight between 1,000,000 and 1,800,000 Dalton HA. The different molecular weights improve not only its own permeation but also the permeation of the other active ingredients it carries in combination.


The bio-peptides stimulate the fibroblasts that are responsible for the health of elastin and collagen, empowering the skin’s innate biological processes to maintain health and helping reverse aging